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Neighborhood Spotlight: Lions Chase

Located in the Village of Huntley, Lions Chase is a neighborhood developed by Richmond American Homes and D.R. Horton, two of the largest homebuilders in the country.

Considered one of Huntley’s most desirable neighborhoods, Lions Chase offers an outstanding quality of life, with stylish, well-built properties, a scenic environment, and plenty of fantastic recreational opportunities.

Residents of Lions Chase enjoy a peaceful and very laid-back atmosphere, with quiet tree-lined streets and scenic views. Those who enjoy spending time outdoors have plenty of options, as there are several nearby parks managed by the Huntley Park District.

Lions Chase features and amenities

Lions Chase has a walking path that provides easy access to Deicke Park, the largest park in The Village of Huntley. The expansive park boasts numerous features perfect for outdoor recreation, including tennis and basketball courts, a playground, several ball fields, and a large picnic area.

Deicke Park is also home to several venues such as:

  • The Stingray Bay Aquatic Center, a water park with slides, kids’ pools, sand areas, competition swimming lanes, and more.
  • The Community Recreation Center, which is equipped with a state-of-the-art gym, a fitness center, and classrooms for hosting lectures and workshops.
  • The Cosman Cultural Arts Center, which is used as a venue for numerous performances and community events.
  • The Betsey Warrington Park, an extension of Deicke Park that was originally used as a farmland.


Schools located close to Lions Chase are served by Huntley School District #158, one of the top-performing school districts in the region.

Some of the nearby schools include:

  • Leggee Elementary School
    13723 Harmony Rd, Huntley, IL
  • Marlowe Middle School
    9625 Haligus Rd, Lake in the Hills, IL
  • Heineman Middle School
    725 Academic Dr, Algonquin, IL
  • Huntley High School
    13719 Harmony Rd, Huntley, IL

If you’d like more information regarding schools in the area, visit

Lions Chase, Huntley, IL – Huntley, IL Townhomes

Buyers looking for an ideal home in Lions Chase can choose from four different, well-designed floor plans, with living spaces ranging from approximately 2,400 to nearly 3,000 square feet. Homes have 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 to 2.5 bathrooms, and garages that can accommodate 2 to 3 vehicles.

Homes in Lions Chase come with superb features such as:

  • Spacious living rooms
  • Elegant dining rooms perfect for hosting guests
  • Stylish kitchens with high quality stainless steel appliances
  • Gorgeous master bedrooms with private baths
  • Tons of storage space

Nearby attractions

  • Lions Chase is a few minutes away from Main Street Huntley, as well as popular shopping venues such as the Algonquin Commons and the Huntley Outlet Mall.
  • Residents who enjoy golf can head to the Pinecrest Golf Club, which is just five minutes away from the neighborhood. This superb 18-hole course features rolling fairways, challenging course layouts, and picturesque views, offering golfers an unmatched playing experience.

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6 Great Home Decorating Tips for First-Time Homeowners

After buying a home for the very first time, new homeowners often face a different challenge: decorating.

For many people, decorating an empty home may seem a little bit overwhelming, given the amount of choices as well as the time and resources it can require. But it doesn’t have to be difficult – decorating your new home can be a fun experience as well, and it’s something that will make your house more comfortable and inviting, perfect for starting a new life in a new place.

Below, we offer six excellent suggestions on how you can start decorating your new home:

The process starts in your old home

What you do in your previous home before you move has a huge impact on your new home. You can make things a lot easier if you get rid of about half of your old stuff – old, bulky furniture, outdated electronics, broken appliances, and other random things that are no longer usable.

It’s time to start fresh by taking only the things that you feel will be a good fit in your new home. Donate all of your old possessions to charity, hold a garage sale, or sell some of your items online.

Set a budget

The key to successfully decorating a new home is knowing how much you can spend. Keep in mind that you don’t need to decorate the entire house all at once. If you have a tight budget, you can start with the room where you’ll be spending most of your time, like the bedroom. That way, you’ll have a nice, comfortable room to stay in as you’re dealing with the rest of the house.

Select a color scheme

There are several approaches when it comes to selecting an ideal color scheme for rooms: it can be anchored on the flooring, based on a single focal point like a painting or a piece of furniture, or simply based on whatever colors you prefer to use.

Choose neutral colors for investment pieces, such as dining tables, sofas, and other large pieces of furniture, and apply your color scheme on accent pieces like pillows, curtains, and other décor. This will make it easy for you to switch to a new color scheme in the future, in case you want to create a new look.

Size it up

List down the different measurements of elements such as windows, doorways, and ceiling height before you go shopping. This will give you a better picture of how a piece of furniture will look like when placed in a room, as furniture tends to look smaller when it’s in a large showroom with high ceilings.

Combine the old with the new

Not everything in your new home has to be new. Drop by an antique store, or if you have a tight budget, look for flea markets, auctions, or garage sales.

Mixing in vintage pieces of furniture or décor is a great way to add more personality to any space, and will prevent your living space from looking like a furniture showroom.

Relax and just have fun

Your first home won’t necessarily be your last home, so do yourself a favor and don’t put too much weight on every design decision. Sure, foundation pieces deserve a little more thought, as you’ll likely be using them in your next home. But for small items like lamps, tablecloths, and throw pillows? Don’t stress yourself out too much and just have fun choosing what looks best in your home.

Relocation Guide for New Illinois Residents

Are you a new resident of Illinois? Here’s a handy guide that will tell you all about filing a change of address, updating your vehicle registration, applying for an Illinois driver’s license, and more.

Change of address

New residents can file a change of address at the Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) Driver Services Department and Vehicle Services Department.

Residents are required to update their address within ten days of an address change. Changing your address will update records associated with your driver’s license or ID card.

You can change your driver’s license address or ID records online, by mail, or in person. Here’s how:

  • Online – Visit the Illinois SOS website.
  • By mail – Write a letter that includes your name, previous and current address, IL driver’s license/ID card number, and send it to:
    • Driver Services Department
      2701 S. Dirksen Parkway
      Springfield, IL 62723

  • In person – Visit your local Secretary of State office. You can locate the nearest office by visiting this page.

Vehicle registration

New Illinois residents who are bringing a vehicle from out of state have a 30-day window to officially register it with the Secretary of State. You can find out more by visiting this page.

If you are registering a special vehicle such as a snowmobile, custom-built vehicle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), or recreational vehicle (RV), each type has a different procedure for registration. Take a look at this guide to registering special vehicles in Illinois.

Voter registration

To update your Illinois voter registration address, complete Form SBE R-19 otherwise known as a Voter Registration Application.

Once you have accomplished the form, submit it to your local Illinois Secretary of State office, which will forward your application. You can also submit it personally or mail it to an Illinois County Clerk or Board of Election Commissioners’ office.

Take note that in order to be eligible to vote, you need to be a resident within the voting precinct for at least 30 days before the next election.

For more information about voter registration, take a look at this page.

Getting an Illinois driver’s license

If you’re from out of state, your non-Illinois license is eligible for up to 90 days upon moving.

To apply for an Illinois driver’s license, drop by your local Secretary of State Driver Services Facility. You’ll need to present the following requirements:

  • Your out-of-state license
  • Valid IDs
  • Payment for new driver’s license fees

In addition, you are required to undergo written and vision exams to get your license. The Illinois Secretary of State typically does not require a driving test for new Illinois residents with valid driver licenses from out of state, although agents reserve the right to decide whether or not you must take one.

Non-commercial Illinois driver licenses are:

  • Class D license – The most common type of license in the state. This allows you to operate passenger vehicles or trucks.
  • Restricted local driver license – This type is issued to residents living in towns with small populations, who only need to drive to local areas such as the grocery store.