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Specialist Health Care Providers in Huntley, IL

As a complement to our earlier blog posts on the local healthcare facilities under the Centegra Health System and Advocate Medical Group and Health Care banners, here is a list of reliable specialist medical facilities that Huntley, IL homeowners can find in their neighborhoods:

For the healthy aging of older adults:

VNA Healthtrends Home Healthcare

11603 South IL Route 47
Huntley, IL 60142

VNA Healthtrends believes that nursing and therapy services work best in the most comfortable places. And nothing is more comfortable than being at home. As a premier provider of senior-age home care services, VNA Healthtrends works to reduce hospital admissions and encourage the long-term independence of its patients.

VNA’s network of registered nurses, home health aides, medical social workers,and physical and speech therapists are trained to address various older adult needs through a variety of condition-specific programs. These programs include falls prevention, wound care, pain management, diabetes and nutrition management, and more.

For ear, nose, and throat problems:

Affiliated Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians

11650 Route 47
Huntley, IL 60142

Affiliated Ear, Nose, and Throat Physicians is an organization comprising:

  • 5 board-certified ENT physicians
  • 2 audiology specialists
  • Nurses
  • A medical aesthetician
  • More than 30 employees

Dedicated to providing compassionate and cost-effective medical care –specializing in conditions and symptoms concerning the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) – this team has been serving Chicagoland patients since 1982.

This specialized doctors’ network extends the reach of its collaborative medical expertise through 8 ENT Centers of Excellence, including the Huntley office located along State Route 47. Local residents can avail of comprehensive outpatient ENT services.

Patients can also schedule an appointment for full audiological services, CAT scans, and other relevant surgical procedures.

For spinal injuries and other musculoskeletal system concerns:

Binger Chiropractic Clinic

12165 Regency Parkway
Huntley, IL 60142

Led by Huntley resident and active community member Dr. Chad Binger, Binger Chiropractic Clinic’s goal is to deliver high-quality services with compassion, understanding, respect, and professionalism. A friendly and professional staff guarantees a comfortable experience for each patient. In fact, new patients can get their inevitable first-visit paperwork out of the way from the comfort of their home, thanks to downloadable forms on the clinic’s website.

The Binger Chiropractic Clinic is accessible by golf cart from nearby Sun City Huntley, making this health facility a good neighbor for Sun City’s active adult residents. In addition to chiropractic care, the clinic offers massage therapy, exercise guidance, and nutritional products and advice.

The clinic serves more than just older adults, however. Through his practice of the Gonstead chiropractic approach – which targets and gently resolves spinal misalignments – Dr. Binger can confidently and effectively treat patients who range in age from birth to 99 years old.

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Advocate Medical Group and Health Care facilities in Huntley, IL

For almost 40 years, Advocate Medical Group (AMG) has been delivering outstanding primary and specialty care, medical imaging, outpatient services, and community-based medical practices to Chicagoland residents. AMG is a network of more than 1,500 medical and surgical experts operating from more than 350 neighborhood locations.

AMG is part of the Advocate Health Care ministry, a not-for-profit health system based in Downers Grove, IL.

Already the state’s most extensive health network and one of the largest healthcare providers in all of the Midwest, Advocate Health Care is set to become even larger with an impending partnership with Wisconsin’s Aurora Health Care. The merger will result in the creation of the 10th largest not-for-profit integrated health care system in the United States. Together, Advocate and Aurora expect to serve up to 3 million patients every year.

Keeping Huntley healthy

Homeowners can find the following Advocate Medical Group and Advocate Health Care facilities in Huntley, IL:

  1. Advocate Heart Institute, Outpatient, and Imaging Center
    13900 Quality Drive
    Huntley, IL 60142

    Advocate’s outpatient care facility on Quality Drive is just one out of over 100 convenient locations for the Advocate Heart Institute. Proud to claim that it “performs more heart procedures than any other hospital in Chicago,” this arm of the Advocate Health Care system has a network of more than 300 cardiologists, heart surgeons, and other specialists.

    The Heart Institute champions the preventive approach to health, offering an affordable heart scan service to encourage people to be conscious and proactive about their health management.

    The Advocate Medical Group also operates a medical imaging facility at this outpatient clinic. Patients can come here to seek diagnostic services, such as MRI CT scans, mammography, and cardiac rehabilitation – all using state-of-the-art technologies.

  2. Advocate Clinic
    12000 Princeton Drive
    Huntley, IL 60142

    Advocate Health Care makes it easy for Huntley residents to find a medical care resource when they need one. Take this walk-in, immediate-care facility located in the local Walgreens on Princeton Drive, for instance. From acne and asthma to joint pains, to simple fractures, this clinic competently takes care of minor health and medical problems. Patients can also come in to get lipid profile screening and tuberculosis skin tests.

Bringing quality health care within arm’s reach

In addition to having so many convenient locations, the Advocate Medical Group and Advocate Health Care system capitalize on modern innovations to improve personal health monitoring and management.

Through the MyAdvocate online portal, Huntley homeowners can create and access their patient profiles on highly accessible browser-based platform and mobile app formats. The MyAdvocate service helps patients keep track of scheduled appointments, medicine prescriptions, and their full medical history. The platform also provides real-time chats with doctors.

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Centegra Health System facilities in Huntley, IL

The Centegra Health System is a network of medical and healthcare facilities that serve residents of the McHenry and Kane Counties. Its initiatives include award-winning and nationally recognized cardiovascular, orthopedics, cancer, and general wellness programs.

Central, Integral, and Integrated: A brief history of the Centegra Health System

Centegra’s commitment to providing quality health and medical services that for its local community is deeply rooted in its suburban Northwest history.

The Centegra Health System was formed in the early 1990s when health planners in McHenry County acknowledged the need for coordinated medical services to meet the growing needs of the rapidly expanding residential location.

Through Centegra, decades-old hospitals and health centers, such as the Woodstock Memorial Hospital (established in 1914) and McHenry Hospital (established in 1956), were integrated into an extensive network of resources designed to improve health care in the McHenry and Kane Counties.

A health facility serving every need

Today, the Centegra Health System comprises several hospitals in McHenry, Huntley, and Woodstock, along with several immediate care clinics, fitness centers, and more.

If you live in Huntley, IL, you can easily find the following facilities near your neighborhood:

  1. Centegra Hospital Huntley
    10400 Haligus Road
    Huntley, IL 60142

    The newest addition to the Centegra network, this Huntley-based hospital features:

    • 128 beds
    • 20-bed family birth center
    • 8 intensive care unit (ICU) beds
    • A trauma center
    • A hip and knee replacement center

    Centegra Hospital Huntley also partners with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to provide 24/7 pediatric services to in patient children or those who require consultations in the Emergency Department.

  2. Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center
    10450 West Algonquin Road
    Huntley, IL 60142

    Located a just few minutes away from the main hospital, Centegra’s Health Bridge is a 120,000 square-foot fitness center that is more than just a gym or fitness studio. The Health Bridge Fitness Center also offers specifically designed wellness programs and consulting services. In addition to providing gym and fitness classes and equipment, the facility also features tennis courts and indoor swimming pools.

  3. Centegra Primary Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center
    11650 South State Route 47
    Huntley, IL 60142

    map link

    Home to a highly qualified team of physicians, nurses, and technicians trained in wound management, Centegra’s primary care center provides reliable, up-to-date, and multi-disciplinary treatments that promise high healing rates and reduced healing time for stubborn, chronic wounds.

    This facility boasts a state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber that increases the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream to encourage faster healing, prevent infection and encourage the production of new blood vessels and healthy tissue.

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