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How Much Does It Cost To Move into a New Home?

Family Moving In Day

Family Moving In Day

Your friends and family will tell you that moving always costs more than you think it will. This is very true, and experts agree that moving to a cheaper home or apartment does not always save you money in the long run. The costs associated with moving can add up quickly, so if you have your heart set on a new home, keep these commonly under budgeted costs in mind.

Will you have to hire movers?

Some people have friends and family that are willing to help with the relocation, but if you are moving far away from your family, you might not have local help to unpack. Do it yourself moves are also easier when you are younger. Once you have a family, you will have more furniture and personal items to move, making it more difficult to justify the DIY method. With movers, an in-state move can cost around $1,200 and an out of state move nearly $6,000. This is a major cost that can make your life much easier, so it should not be undervalued or underestimated.

Will you need short-term storage?

In many cases, you might not be able to go straight from your old house or apartment into your new home. If your previous home sells quickly, you might need to find temporary storage for your furniture for a few days or weeks while you wait to close on your new home.

Even waiting a week to move into your new home can mean several extra days with a moving truck, adding to your costs. If you choose to unload the truck for the short term, you will need a storage unit and you will need to account for labor to load and unload the truck. Even the best-laid plans do not always work out, so it pays to have extra money saved up in case you need to store your belongings.

Will you need temporary housing?

In the above scenario, you will be storing your possessions in the moving truck or a storage unit, but what about your family? If the closing on your new home is delayed, will you be able to stay with friends or family? Or will you need to spend a few days in a hotel? These costs can add up, so it is important to make sure you have money in the bank.

Account for utility fees.

In comparison with the other fees associated with moving, the fees for your utilities might sound like pocket change. Keep in mind that your gas, internet, TV, electric, and water companies might charge a deposit and/or a start-up fee. While these will not break the bank on their own, all together they can easily be several hundred dollars that you did not include in your budget.

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5 Genius Storage Ideas For Condos

3d rendering minimal loft

3d rendering minimal loftclass=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3801″ />

Finding enough storage space can be difficult in any size home, but it is especially difficult in apartments and condos. Small spaces can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered. The key to maximizing functionality in small homes is to maximize storage space.

Consider implementing some of these genius storage ideas to make your condo feel more spacious.

Genius Storage Idea #1: Wardrobe Style Storage

While wardrobes are historically found only in bedrooms, many modern wardrobes might fit right into a living room or kitchen. If you find that you just do not have enough cabinet space, a wardrobe is a great alternative to a traditional china cabinet. One drawback of a china cabinet is that the front is often made of glass, putting the contents of each shelf on display for anyone that enters the room.

Wardrobes, on the other hand, will give you a place to store your belongings and keep the clutter out of sight. A wardrobe in your living room or entryway can also double a coat closet – something some small condos are missing from their floor plan.

Genius Storage Idea #2: Murphy Wall Bed

If you need a comfortable place for out of town guests to sleep but you are not able to designate a whole room as a guest room, consider installing a Murphy wall bed. This way, you can use the space as an office or sitting area when you do not have anyone visiting. The low profile bed will be out of the way until your family comes to town. During the holidays, you can quickly lower the bed and you will not have to make your guests sleep on an uncomfortable couch or air mattress when they come to visit.

Genius Storage Idea #3: Overhead Laundry Storage

If you have a small laundry room, you are probably wondering how to maximize storage in this space. Think tall when it comes to laundry room storage. If you have a side by side washer and dryer, install overhead cabinets above each. If your washer and dryer are stacked, add a tall, narrow shelving unit that will maximize storage space while taking up minimal floor space.

Genius Storage Idea #4: Hanging Bag Organizers

If you are like most people, you have more backpacks, purses, and tote bags than you could realistically use in a month. If you have already culled your collection as much as possible, consider adding a hanging bag organizer to your closet. These hang easily on your existing closet rod, allowing you to store your bags vertically instead of in a pile that takes up valuable shelf or floor space.

Genius Storage Idea #5: Floor to Ceiling Entertainment Center

Many entertainment centers only extend halfway up the wall, wasting a lot of space above the TV and shelves. Consider a floor to ceiling entertainment center. This will give you plenty of space for your TV, cable box, and video games while also allowing you to use the higher shelves for books or decorative displays.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Stylish And Pet-Friendly

Woman and her beagle dog

Woman and her beagle dog

If you are like most pet owners, you probably cannot imagine life without your dog or cat. Fortunately, it is possible to design a home that is both stylish and pet-friendly. Keep these tips in mind when selecting the furnishings and flooring for your home.

Design Tip #1: Protect Your Furniture

If you own high end or designer furnishings, consider investing in a slipcover to preserve your upholstery. Your slipcovers can be washed regularly and removed when guests come over, making it easy to keep your living room looking great. The other option is to implement a “no pets on the furniture” rule, but in many cases, that is easier said than done. A slipcover is a foolproof way to protect light-colored or delicate fabrics.

Design Tip #2: Choose Your Flooring Carefully

Pets can cause a lot of wear and tear on your flooring. Young puppies are prone to accidents and even the most well-trained cat will cough up the occasional hairball. Avoid light colored carpets that will show stains and stick with dark colored carpets or nonporous flooring.

Hard surfaces tend to be the best for this. Ceramic or stone tiles, laminate flooring, or stained concrete will stand up to all kinds of messes and accidents. They are also scratch resistant, unlike most high-end hardwood floors, meaning that they will keep your living areas looking great for longer.

If you are dead set on installing hardwood floors, choose a harder wood that will not easily dent. Oak or mahogany is a better choice than pine or fir. Make sure you clean up any accidents immediately so that the wood will not absorb the liquid and become warped.

You can cover high traffic areas with a stylish rug to keep your wood floors looking great for longer. Make sure to use a no-skid pad under each rug to keep the carpet from sliding. Keeping your pets’ nails trimmed will also help to minimize scratches.

Design Tip #3: Avoid Silk or Tweed Furnishings

While it is inevitable that you will get some pet hair on your living room furniture, you can minimize its visibility by choosing your furnishings wisely. Avoid silk furnishings as these are easily damaged by nails and claws. The uneven surface of tweed tends to capture pet hair, making it difficult to clean. Leather might seem like a good choice, but it is easily punctured by claws and should be avoided unless you are diligent about keeping nails trimmed.

Many styles of sofas and chairs come in a canvas option. When possible, choose canvas or synthetic fabrics over velvets and silks. These fabrics will hold up against rips and stains, keeping you happy and your furniture looking great. If you do not want to add vacuuming to your daily routine, consider choosing a color pallet with which your pet’s hair will blend. It is much easier to clean brightly colored accent pillows than a brightly colored couch.

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